Introducing Me - Welcome!

Happy Thursday Bash Beauties! If you've made it here, you've managed to stumble across our new blog. Here you'll find all the latest Bash news, local happenings, and anything we feel like you might need to know. 

Here at Bash we pride ourselves on creating relationships with our guests. Our new blog is just the newest way of doing that in a time of online shopping. We wanted to be able to converse and make the shopping experience a little more personable through a computer screen if you decide to stay home this season. 

Therefore, in the spirit of creating relationships, allow me to introduce myself. Hi there, my name is Emma, your new Bash blogger. I started at Bash just a couple of months ago but I have quickly found my new home. 

I am originally from Owensboro, KY. When I graduated college, I was an Event Planner. Unfortunately, that got shut down. Well, rather than sitting at home during quarantine, I decided to take a chance on myself and moved to Carmel for a marketing job. Well, that one didn't work out either. (adulting mid-pandemic.. fun right) At just the right time, I met Amber Noone, the owner of Bash. I, a lover of all things fashion, was looking for a job, and she was looking for someone to work in her new location. A little bit of fairy dust and a whole lot of perfect timing later and here we are. 

Like I said, I love clothes. I love the way they can make someone feel, and the power they have to inspire confidence in us. I am a firm believer in the idea that the perfect outfit can change the way a woman sees herself, and become the confident goddess she was meant to be. I also love to bake, spoil my nephew, love on fluffy dogs, and watch train wreck reality tv. (Can anyone say back to back Bachelor seasons?)

I also love Bash, and I know that you all do as well. So I invite you to shop with us online or come chat and shop with me in person and become your most confident self. Have a fantastic Thursday my Bash Beauties. Shop Local and Stay Safe!

Simple - Sincere - Sweet

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  • Just happened upon Bash Boutique via Tribal Fashions while sitting at home on the east side of Owensboro, Maceo, to sorta be exact, but not! Anyway, it’s always neat to read a blog(or see an item on Etsy) and discover that the one writing it(or selling it) just so happens to be from where you live! Just thought I’d say Hi!

    Andrea Slack on
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