An Open Letter to Our Customers

An Open Letter to Our Customers
As we are wrapping up the year of 2018, our hearts are full and we are so grateful to have been in business over 4 years. This would not be possible without the loyal following of so many of our wonderful customers like you.  
This year we made some exciting changes to the lines we carry in our store.  By Tavi was a new line that we loved the moment we saw it, but then, when we learned about the background of the profits going to support women in Cambodia and the seamstresses making the merchandise, we were so excited to share this line with our customers. Another line that quickly surprised us at how well it was received was Joseph Ribkoff. We have had such great feedback on the quality and the sophistication of this line. As we picked out Spring and Summer for our Westfield and Wabash stores, we were overwhelmed with how beautiful the styles were. Liverpool for Men surprised us on the quality and fit, and we have several men who have already purchased.  
Our Noblesville location has proved to be a staple for the square, and we have such great anchors surrounding us that our customers are really able to make a day of shopping local at so many unique stores. The move to 32 in Westfield has exceeded our expectations by having new customers daily. The feedback about the space has really been so nice to hear, especially from customers that shopped with us before the move. You have mentioned that it feels more like a boutique and we couldn't agree more. Wabash has continued to be a great location for us. The downtown added several stores this year which will only allow Wabash to be more of a destination for downtown shopping.  
As we look toward 2019, we cannot wait to share the new styles with you. At market, we saw lots of color for Spring and Summer, so we are excited about bringing color to you. Liverpool had an amazing selection for 2019, making it difficult to choose what styles were the best. We are currently looking at bringing shoes to a couple of our locations, but we are still hunting for the perfect brand. We will believe 2019 will bring a lot of new styles and brands to the store, so that we continue to offer styles and brands that are unique but at the same time not sacrificing quality.  
Again, we cannot thank you enough for your support in 2018. We hope you have an amazing Christmas season filled with many blessings and love.  

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