Welcome to the Home of Bash Boutique

Welcome to the Home of Bash Boutique

We made it! 2020 is finally over. 2021 is here and we can pretend the past year never happened. Right? Well.. I can try anyways. 

Welcome back my Bash Beauties, your favorite blogger Emma here. This time of year is meant for setting resolutions and determining the course of how you want the next year to go. For me, 2021 will be the year of starting anew and setting myself up for the future. 

For those of you that do not already know, I moved away from home this past year. Except I have not gotten to enjoy my new city yet. So, in the spirit of starting fresh, I want to go out and experience my new city, live life to the fullest in my 20's, and enjoy my prime. 

Naturally, me being an inquisitive, curious mind, I decided to do some research. Now I am sharing what I have found with all of you in case there are any of you who also want to get out, explore, and enjoy this new year. 

Without further ado - a list of things to do in Hamilton County, IN. 

- Kiln Creations

- Laser Flash

- Koteewi Run Seasonal Slopes

- Hoosier Heights

- Holiday Parties and Painting Kits from Painting with a Twist Carmel

- Trivia Night: Tuesdays in January at Books and Brews Carmel

- Bingo Night: Thursdays in January at Books and Brews Carmel

- Carmel Winter Market: Saturdays through March 27, 2021

- The Great Dine Out (participating restaurants only)

- Shop at Bash Boutique

And so many more - if you know of any other fun things to do in the area drop them in the comments below. More information can be found at visithamiltoncounty.com

Stay Safe and remember to Shop Local Bash Beauties!

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