Easter Egg Hunt April 11th-16th

Easter Egg Hunt April 11th-16th

Happy Holy Week! Holy week is filled with many beautiful preparations leading up to Easter Sunday. We prepare our hearts and focus on the greatness of Jesus' love in His suffering and resurrection throughout this week. We must also be prepared for Easter Sunday by making sure we have the correct attire for mass. We wouldn't want to praise the King of Kings in our sweats, now would we! ;)

That is where Bash Boutique can help. We have many gorgeous dress options to help you celebrate this Easter Sunday in style. Also, shop with us now through April 16th, in store, and select an Easter egg at check out to see what discount you get!

Here are two dresses and the more "wild card" zebra tank top and shorts combo that all provide pretty outfits for Easter Sunday. These clothing pieces would also work beautifully for all the various spring events already filling our calendars, like that cousin's wedding or friend's cookout that you needed an outfit for!

May you have a joyful Easter and enjoy it while wearing one of Bash's Easter Sunday dress selections. Happy Easter! 

1. Tribal Flowy Gauze Dress 

2. Joseph Ribkoff Wrap Dress

3. Fifteen Twenty Keyhole Tank Top and Fifteen Twenty Printed Shorts


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